1.17.12 - PARTY TIME

We are almost done recording our next album, which is either going to be titled Sensory Overlord or something good.  The drums are SLAMMIN’.  Come see a preview of it Friday night in San Francisco!  

10.29.12 - Two Shows Coming Up!  

First one is this Friday, the next one is NEXT Friday, 11/9 at The Night Light in Oakland @ 9 PM with Detroit’s CHILD BITE.  

7.25.12 - Twitter account activated, recording ensues, further bulletins as events warrant.

Hey pals.  Come see us play on 8/15 at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco.  We’re playing with The Hodges, The Follow, and The Real Numbers and you’ll be sorry you missed it.  Since our last update, we’ve been hard at work on our upcoming full-length.  We did the basic tracking at New, Improved Recording in Emeryville with the talented Mr. Eli Crews.  We plan on being finished with this motherfucker sometime around 2028, or right about the time the last ice cube melts.  I think we’re going to call it “Achtung Baby”, pretty cool right?  Also, check out our new Twitter account: @loveaxe.  Love, Chris.

12.11.11 - 12/15 Show At Eli’s Mile High Club and Holiday Album!

Come see us play at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland this Thursday, December 15. We go on at 8 pm!

Every holiday season since I was a wee lad, myself and whatever musical co-conspirators I have at the time contribute an original song to Suburban Sprawl Music’s annual winter/holiday/Xmas sampler. We’ve compiled a nice selection of our tracks from these samplers into one handy package for you to enjoy, for free. Happy Holidays! Just click on the following link to be directed to Bandcamp:

Have Yourself A Very Little Christmas, by Love Axe. 

9.19.11 - Last Minute Show Alert!!!

We got booked at the very last minute to play at The Stork Club on Tuesday, September 20.  The show starts at 9 and we go on second.  Can’t wait to see you there!



Let us borrow a phrase from the wonderful folks in Clues to help you understand the unfuckwithery regarding our next show. The relevant information is posted in the above flyer and on our shows page. If you’re not there by 8:30, you ain’t gonna see us play.


A million thanks to everybody who came out to our show with The Blah Boutique and Genius & The Thieves last week.  What a fantastic evening.  Both bands really blew us away, too - it’s amazing when a night comes together as perfectly as this one did.

In other news, our next show will be at Bottom of The Hill in San Francisco on Wednesday, Sept 7 at 9:00.  We play FIRST, so make sure you’re on time!  We’re currently finishing up some new demos, so keep your eyes and ears peeled, eh?


Come see us play with our friends in Yearling and The Pentacles on June 9th at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland! The show starts promptly at 7 PM!


We are thrilled to announce the release of our new album Phenomenomenons by Suburban Sprawl Music.


Bandcamp - Name your price, from $0.00 to infinity!
iTunes - It’s legit!
Amazon - One click!
Emusic - You should already be a member!

What People Are Saying About The Album:

"A fever-dream album of gargantuan ambition that brings so much to the proverbial table that its proverbial legs would give out from under it. Phenomenomenons is an early album of the year contender and it deserves to be savored by all the people it could easily please.” - Sputnik Music

"With a penchant for bittersweet epics and explosive codas, Love Axe is a study in boiling down just what makes indie rock work." - Raven Sings The Blues

"Straight up pop gems." - Detroit Gorilla

"Love Axe is a shining example of how digital music is not only changing the way people listen to music, but also how they create it." - Friday Music Blog

"A record that sounds like you put a whole lot of powerpop, indie, heartbreak, and elapsed time into a blender and then spread it out suuuuuper smoothly across 12 tracks and 60 minutes." - Times Ain’t That Rough

"This year’s folk anthem album of the month, maybe [of the] year." - New Band Day